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what is operating system

what is operating system : Hello there if you are searching for what is operating system  and wanna know more about hacking operating system and exploring more about them then you are right place.

In this post I'm gonna explain about hacking the operating systemwhat is operating system  and red hat Linux system and others as well, so let's get started and learn more about operating systems.

what is operating system 

What is operating system?

In simple words operating system is like human body and things inside the operating system is like body internal organs like this when operating system technically sounds we can say a operating system is software which acts like informer between the hardware components and the user inputs and actions. Like every human body is living thing and must needed for evolution of human race exactly like that every computer need to have it's own operating system to run the programs like Games, Browser, Audio/Video, Notepad etc... The operating system helps us to communicate with the computer, By the help of computer's language.

Demand and names of operating systems:

  • Windows - 40%
  • Android - 37%
  • Ios - 15%
  • Mac Os - 4%
  • Linux - 1%

All, these above listed operating systems are most used and future of operating systems and some of these are free and some of them are paid so a user can choose any operating system as per their needs.

What are types of operating systems?

Each and every operating systems have their own advantages and disadvantages and more than these a operating system can a paid or free or closed source or open source, Let me explain some of these operating system's about what are they and how they are used in every tech platform.

  • Batch operating system (BATCH OS)
  • Multitasking /Time sharing operating system (MULTITASKING OS)
  • Real time operating system (REAL TIME OS)
  • Distributed operating system (DISTRIBUTED OS)
  • Network operating system (NETWORK OS)
  • Mobile operating system (MOBILE OS)

Will discuss about every operating system one by one so now let's first discuss with Batch operating system's.

Batch operating system : Like a single job can take a lot of time and process energy to complete in that case we can use Batch operating system to speed the ongoing task or process by batching a similar type of task/jobs by running them as group. The use of batch operating system never directly interacts with the operating system or computer. This type of operating system every person should prepare their own input it may be in any form like either punch card or bio scanner etc... to the computer operator.

Time sharing operating system : In this we can take a group study of students for same exam, suppose you have a computer exam tomorrow and you want to study with your friends then you guy's gather and start studying for exam, Exactly like this a time sharing operating system helps a group of user from various different locations to get connect to a computer to accomplish a task by same user command line interface with the help of single CPU the actual CPU in this computer holds a name of Time sharing os.

Example for this os are - Military software systems, Space software systems

Distributed operating system : In this operating system more than one processor is used and by this type of operating system a time taking task can be accomplished in short time with the help of multi process power to a single computer this is how a distributed operating system works by providing the fastest and reliable speed and support.

Network operating system : a network operating system runs on the huge servers where this operating system can provide the features to access and manage the data like user, groups, application, and other networking related tasks and all.

Mobile operating system : Mobile operating system are the operating systems which are used in smartphones and smart wears and these operating system are used a lot in this generation and not only using for commercial tasks and personal work in these mobile operating systems we can even tune them to work beyond their limits like for Hacking and accessing the core usage of every operating systems.

Example for these operating systems -

How is operating system is made of?

Functioning of opertaing system

Every operating system consists of main things like we listed below.

1. Process management
2. Memory management
3. File management
4. Device management
5. I/O management
6. Secondary storage management
7. Security
8. Command interpretation
9. Networking
10. Communication management
11. Job managing

These all things are the small parts which make a full functional operating system. You can do a lot with operating systems once you know how a operating system works and what are its weakness and strengths.
Sup... This looks good right if you want to learn more about these each modules of operating systems let me know i will try to provide a new article explaining about these modules and for now I'm just mentioning them.

What is Firmware and Operating system?

As, earlier i explained what is operating system and how it's important for a computer to run and what are its types and etc.. Now lets let me explain about firmware. Firmware is kind of program that is embedded on a chip in the specific hardware device which controls that device. In firmware is like prebuilt code which is encoded and you cannot change it for example the IC in motherboard is important to make a computer functional if suppose you change something in IC the whole motherboard can burn like chaos, so don't mess up with firmware And this firmware is stored in permanent device which we call non volatile memory.

What is 32Bit and 64Bit In operating system?

We can call these 32 and 64 as architecture types now firstly let's talk about 32-Bit Architecture this 32-Bit type supports same type of data that is 32-Bit to process simultaneously. And this 32-Bit needs both CPU and Operating systems 32-Bit as well. This 32-Bit system can only 3.0 type of ram support
and more than 3 GB cannot be supported.

Now let's talk about 64-Bit this sounds bigger right, Now let me explain about this in this type the 64 Bit data processing allows data of 64 Bit to process simultaneously. And the 64-Bit type operating system needs the CPU and Operating system same as 64-Bit support and memory support for the 64-Bit is 17 Billion of Ram.

What's next and how to learn more?

Well, in this post we had learnt a lot about Operating system and their uses and next will learn about the hardware and kernels and how they are important for us and recently i uploaded the post about the kali linux for hacking part 1 make sure to check it out and on upcoming tutorial I will share article about kernels and hardware. Thanks for reading have a good day geek.