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whats app groups page (Noob Hackers)

whats app groups page (Noob Hackers)

why we started free what app group's, So many of the people asked us to provide an answer to their questions but unfortunately I can't because of the youtube comment section  which will become spam or flagged due to many questions so the point of that view we started official what's app groups in channel's official name (noob hackers).

#All the group links and Rules are provided below read them and join.


Rules and Regulations >

πŸ™ Hello Guys thanks for joining and here are some rules in our grp which you should follow to chat in a group πŸ˜‡

our website 

1. No other group link sharing, No fake numbers allowed
2. No 3rd party link sharing
3. No spamming
4. No scamming, Don't join multiple groups from the same number
5. No adult content sharing
6. No promotion, no sticker or emoji
7. Need help type help
8. don't disturb anyone by inboxing them without their permission.

If you want to stay in the group then please follow all rules.. if you break any of rule then you will be removed from the groupπŸ˜•

⚠️ Warning if the breaking of rules continues then the group will be deleted permanently.

Thank you for joining......

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