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kernel and their types

kernels and their types: hi there if you are trying to learn about hacking the kernels and kernel and their types and need a good article about this then you are at the right place.

Kernels and uses are discussed in this this article and will also discuss about kernel and their types and hacking the kernels for accessing database. So now let's get started with this amazing kernel post.

kernel and their types

What actually a kernel is?

Kernel, is a like a mediator or we can call it as central component of a particular operating system that manages operations of a particular computer and hardware. It basically manages task or operations of memory and central processing unit time. Kernel is like core component of an operating system. Kernel acts as a bridge between applications like any software's and the data processing performed at the hardware level using intel-process communication and system tasks. Kernel loads first in processing loads into the memory when an operating system is loaded and the remaining into memory until operating system is shut down again. It is responsible for various tasks such as hard disk managing, task managing, and memory managing.

The kernel decides that which process should be allocated to the processor to be executed and which of these projects should be kept in main memory to execute. In this basically acts as an mediator between user application and hardware. The main aim of kernel is to managing communication b/w software that is user level applications and hardware

Actual functions of a kernel:

  • To create a connection between user level and application hardwares
  • To identify state of upcoming process
  • To control disk managements
  • To lookup memory managing
  • In this step it helps in task management

Types of kernels:

  1. Monolithic kernel
  2. Micro kernel
  3. Hybrid kernel
  4. Exo kernel
  5. Nano kernel

Monolithic Kernel:

It is one of the type of kernel in which all the operating system services operate in kernel space. It has dependencies between systems component. It has huge lines of code which is literally the complex thing.

Examples for this type of kernel is: Unix, Linux

Micro kernel:

This type of kernel in which has minimal approach and usage and it has it's virtual memory and the thread scheduling. It is more the stable with less services in kernel storage.

Example for this kernel: machintosh, Minix

Hybrid kernel:

This type of kernel like mixture or combination of both monolithic kernel and microkernel. It has speed and a good architectural design of monolithic kernel and stability of microkernel.

Example of this kernel: Windows NT, Netware

Exo kernel:

In this type of kernel who follows the end -to-end and it almost fewer abstractions as possible. And this allows the physical resource to the user applications.

Example for this kernel: Nemesis, ExOs

Nano kernel:

This type of kernel that actually offers the hardware abstraction and but without system services, Micro and Nano kernel have the analogous features.

Example for this kernel: EROS,

Most famous operating system kernel's?

Well the most important kernel's you can see in this time is UNIX and Linux both are very useful for modern devices and without them you cannot imagine how these gadgets can even work. Well these two are the kernels which are free and UNIX is paid i mean that its closed source

What's next and how to learn more?

Here in this post i shared the brief intro for kernels and thiesr types and how u can get them in different operating systems and now it's time to learn kernel development and kernel hacking by the help of coding or reverse engineering. So will share more stuff about this so till then have a good day and kudos for reading this article :)

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