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kali linux hacking tutorials (part-1)

kali linux hacking tutorials (part-1) : Hi, there if you are searching for kali linux hacking tutorials and kali linux tutorial for beginners then you are at the right place and in this today's
tuoroal i will share the brief introduction to kali linux download installation more information about kali linux, So get ready to learn something new and awesome stuff.

well, from now i will explain in steps so that you can understand about kali linux tutorial, kali linux tutorial 2022, kali linux tutorial with these steps in kali linux hacking tutorials (part-1) you can get clearity about how to use kali linux and whart things are possible to perform from kali linux.

kali linux hacking tutorials (part-1)
kali linux hacking tutorials (part-1)

What is kali linux?

kali linux is a Linux kernel based operating system which is used to perform ethical hacking, penetration testing, Bug hunting, Forensics and other technical things which plays most important role in tech world and with the help of kali linux one can get good knowledge about testing things and fixing them them and one more thing about kali linux that is Kali linux is user friendly because of it's user experience kali linux has command line interface which means you can easily access things without clicking the mouse right, it sounds good but wait with command line interface kali linux do have graphical user interface as well in which we can enjoy the colorful app icons and video editing and all. There is a lot to say about kali linux but now will mainly focus on important concepts.

Who created kali linux?

Linus Torvalds

Now, the question surely comes to mind that who created this fabulous operating system and kernels as well, Now let me tell you about the person behind the creation of kali and it's early distros and kernels. Linus Torvalds well this person has his own fanbase in this tech generation and he created Linux kernels and before that let me tell you the one more thing that is GNU/UNIX have ever heard about these two words?, yes maybe be or maybe not. UNIX is nothing but the kernel and os which are copyright protected and non open source materials. But GNU stand for generally not unix means it's not like unix and for example the unix based operating system is Microsoft and other paid operating systems which don't support opensource. Now let me explain about GNU the gnu is a open source and free operating system which don't charge a single rupee. yeah, that's good and GNU has many distros which either paid or free so you can choose them according to your needs.

What we can do with kali linux?

Kali linux, consists of many modules, hardware's and kernels, firmware's etc. Let me explain
why kali linux is best for beginners and how you can use it, so kernel there are types of kernels and their work like how they work and when they are active and all, Kali linux has the linux kernel which is open source and in this kernel you can do changes like tuning it up for more usage power if you can experiment then linux kernel is for you, when os triggers request to kernel it uses hardware and does the actual task. Like sound, Camera, Keylights etc. Now let's talk about, Operating system and how it works. Now operating system means a user interface which takes input from user and as a output performs specific task. This is how kali linux works in short hope you understood it.

Requirements for using kali linux?

Before using kali linux you may have searched about how kali linux hacking tutorials
right, now let me show you how to use kali linux and what are the requirements to use kali linux.

  • User should know the kernel, Operating system, hardware
  • Have command line knowledge
  • Good logical thinking
  • Kali linux installed or termux if you are android user
  • Have patience cause it takes lot of efforts and time
Tools that are used mostlty in kali linux for hacking?

Kali linux is a special priority of every techie because of it's active community and great features and you might be thinking, like how these tools are used in which purpose and what are those tool's that every hacker loves to use in 2022 and all time.

These below listed tools works butter smooth while doing hacking 

1.Beef framework: This tool is categorized in webhacking tools, and work of this tool is to hijack the user session (when a user is logged into a website the cookies stores data and creates a session with this a user can login and use website easily) when you hack this session you can easily get access to the user account without letting him know about this login, sounds great right well this method is called as hooking where attacker hooks (creates fake access point so that user think it's real) and when he visits hooked website he logs into it then all credentials are sent to the attacker. Like this the beef framework works.

2. Wireshark: Have you ever used public, I'm sure you have used it so do you know i can easyli see what thing's you are browsing now. So don't get surprised you may have gone into this but you are not aware so the work of wires hark tool is to access the non secure http protocol data traffic and capture the data going through the wifi network to which you are connected. Now let me tell you how this works in short, whenever we use a free wifi it's open wifi which can be accessed through any device and any person and when someone connects to it and start exploring the internet through this wifi the data packets that are small information which is sent to server and received from the server and you can easily see the actual data if it's not encrypted

What's next and where to learn more?

Calm down, kali linux hacking tutorials (part-1) and if you would like to explore more about kali linux and mastering it then i suggest you to go through kali linux section from menu you will get all parts which are organized in manner so that you can easily learn and understand. so thta's all for today regarding Kali linux and it's usage in short and simple words hope you understand what kali is and how you can use it for hacking, so now will meet in next article of kali linux so explore more posts in this website to get more of hacking topics. Kudos :)