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metasploit exploits encoders and nops payloads tutorial

metasploit exploits encoders and nops payloads tutorial - Hi guys if you are searching for metasploit exploits encoders and nops payloads tutorial and searching for the best article to get the best explanation about metasploit exploits encoders and nops payloads tutorial. Then you are in the right place.

Today I'm here going to share the step by step tutorial about "metasploit exploits encoders and nops payloads tutorial". By this article, you can get a lot of about metasploit full course in hindi, metasploit encoders and exploits tutorial part 2, metasploit in android, metasploit termux tutorial. And I'm damn sure that you will never get all these unique information like us on the internet anywhere else.

metasploit exploits encoders and nops
metasploit exploits encoders and nops 

Metasploit exploits, encoders, and nops, payloads

Hello, guys welcome back to our another amazing post, so today lets us learn about the main concepts of the Metasploit framework with real-time examples.

1). Exploits

Metasploit framework is mainly known for its awesome capability to hack any gadget with its desired vulnerability, So like that to hack any technological IOT gadget you need to find its weakness, It means you have to find a way/bug to enter inside a specific gadgets control system, If you get the control of that specific gadget then you can control that gadget as per your wish. So here we call that type of bug or weakness in hack words that exploits (vulnerability). So to find a weakness in a gadget is not easy because every gadget has it's own security and protection, firewalls, etc... and we cannot find bugs in any gadget with just looking at a gadget. But still, we can hack a gadget by using Metasploit-framework to bypass his firewall and to get the way to control that specific device. By using Metasploit's exploits it shows the latest and old exploits of highly vulnerable devices like Windows, Mac, Kali Linux, Android, and other exploits too. So the exploit is nothing but a bridge between or objects which helps us to get control to a specific gadget, 

Example:- If I want to hack android gadget then I use .apk payload which is a stable exploit for android and it works like a charm. So like this, you too can try.

Currently, there are 1994 Exploits are available in the Metasploit framework, Some of them are stable and some of them are outdated and you can try them if you have a bit of great luck.

2). Encoders 

The Metasploit framework has lots of tools category like encoders, auxiliaries, nops, and etc...
as I mentioned about exploits and how they work, and I mention about antivirus bypassing that's the main task to get control to a specific device if we don't use encoders then the firewall or antivirus can easily detect our payloads and they can easily flag them as malware or a dangerous apk. So before creating a payload, we should use encoders to make our payload safe from antivirus, Currently Metasploit. has 45 Encoders and you can use them as per the payload type.

3). Payloads

Payloads are the main concept while hacking any gadget without payloads the hacking is not possible. So after finding an exploit for a specific gadget, you have to create a payload according to the gadget os base, like for android you have to create .apk payload which hacks the whole gadget and let you to control the system. In short, the payload is nothing but a type of document or a file while gets inside the victim device and establish a connection between the hacker device and victim device and let the hacker control the victim device by cmd line. Currently, Metasploit-framework has 560 payloads For every gadget till the date.

4). Auxiliary's

Auxiliaries, are the same as like exploits but they work differently in different devices and use different protocols, So you can use them as like exploits. Currently, Metasploit-framework has 1089 Auxiliaries.

5). Post

Post, here the word itself says that the post is the second step after doing pre-step, It means after hacking a device/gadget you can do a lot with post-attack modules, the post-attack is important in the hacking gadget for further control, if you don't use post modules then you cannot go further in attacks, For example when we hack android device with the help of payload and when we get the connection we can get full control of the android device, But the payload only works once because android os is too secure so here you have to play hide and seek with security by using post attacks, creating a persistent script to make payload work even after rebooting the victim device, so like this, you can do a lot with different post modules, like installing keyloggers, and flushing directories, and a lot. Currently, Metasploit-framework has 340 Post modules.

6). Nops

Nop's, nops are like payload modifiers which helps our payload to play hide and seek with the victim device every time, Nops means no operation, it means the payload won't do any extra function from which antivirus can detect them easily, so nops also play the main role while hacking gadgets. Currently Metasploit-framework has 10 Nops.

7). Evasion

Evasion, modules play the main role while hacking higher os like Kali Linux, windows, macintosh. the main function of evasion is to modify encrypt and to help the payload to run and bypass security in any os, without evasion you can hack but the payload cannot survive more than 1 week based on os and it's security. Currently, Metasploit-Framework has & 7 Evasion modules.

So, like this the whole Metasploit -framework is made up of so i hope you liked the concept of Metasploit and it's awesome functions.

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