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ngrok install and use in termux

ngrok install and use in termux - Hi guys if you are searching for ngrok install and use in termux and searching for the best article to get the best explanation about ngrok install and use in termux. Then you are in the right place.

Today I'm here going to share the step by step tutorial about "ngrok install and use in termux". By this article, you can get a lot of about ngrok issue solved, ngrok not starting in termux, how to use ngrok in termux. And I'm damn sure that you will never get all these unique information like us on the internet anywhere else.

ngrok install and use in termux

ngrok install and use in termux

Hello, guys, I am back with another amazing post so today well will going to know about what is ngrok and how to use it. And how to solve connection error in all ngrok version. So, guys, let's get started.

what is ngrok 

Ngrok is multiplatform tunneling, reverse proxy software that establishes secure tunnels from a public endpoint such as the internet to a locally running network service while capturing all traffic for detailed inspection and replay. So I hope you guys got my point. And now let's head towards the Ngrok download and Installation part ...

#1 Ngrok signup and download

1. Open Chrome browser and search for 

2. After that click on Ngrok website, link and, after the website opens, click on sign up in the Ngrok website and sign up.

3. Now you can see A dashboard page has been opened now on that page you can see (1) Download For Linux (ARM) click on that button and Download then grok zip file.

4. After ngrok zip Downloadingcompletes. Now in the same dashboard page, you can see (3) Connect Your Account in that you can see Authtoken now copy the whole Authtoken...And now follow the below commands.

#2 Open Termux and apply below commands

$ apt-get update -y

$ apt-get upgrade -y

$ termux-setup-storage

$ ls 

Now allow the storage permission...After that now open your file explorer or file manager and search for the Ngrok zip file which you just downloaded from the Ngrok website after getting that just click on the Ngrok zip file and click on the extract and now after the extraction you will get (ngrok) file. Now click on that and click on Cut and come to the direct internal storage of your mobile and paste that ngrok in your mobiles Direct internal storage after pasting that open your Termux app and apply the below commands.

$ ls

$ cd /sdcard

$ ls

$ cp ngrok 


$ ls

$ cd 


$ ls

$ chmod +x ngrok 

$ ls

Now the ngrok file turn's into green after that Nowhere paste Authtoken which you copied from Dashboard of Ngrok 

ex:- $ ./ngrokauthtoken 2qKpRUaFLhavo8w3YUd6v_4pYUuu3WuJnUehveishvvvvlike

this one as shown above example. After pasting yours in Termux now click on the enter button now you are ready to use grok but wait....we are not done yet...After doing all things now open a new session in Termux and apply this command to start Ngrok in Termux.

$ ./ngrok http 8080

Now ngrok ... window opening but Ngrok is not starting ... Now no need to take tension just Enable Your Mobile hotspot and now you can see that ngrok is started and it's showing ONLINE wow.

Note:-  You should enable Hostspotwhenever you are using ngrok.

# Now you can use Ngrok without any issues ... and whenever you want to start or use Ngrok in Termux so you need to follow below commands

1. Open Termux and apply commands

$ ls

$ ./ngrok http 8080

and to stop ngrok server just hold volume down + C.

ngrok install and use in termux in pdf verison

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 websites I used in the video

Click Here 

watch the practical video here

 Follow this carefully
Please don't skip the video ...
So guys follow the steps as I showed from starting of the video to the end of the video ok. So after all, if you are facing any problem then comment or use contact us page, please........

Errors or issue reasons

  • Command error 

  • Data connection problem 

  • Big letters using in commands 

  • Giving more space b/n words 

  • lack of patience

    "Solution for all these problems is watching a video without skip until the end"

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