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problem in installing the metasploit in termux

problem in installing the metasploit in termux- Hi guys if you are searching for problem in installing the metasploit in termux and searching for the best article to get the best explanation about problem in installing the metasploit in termux. Then you are at the right place.

Today I'm going to share the solution for "problem in installing the metasploit in termux". By this article, you can solve and use Metasploit without any issues or errors. And I'm damn sure that you will never get all these unique information like us on the internet anywhere else.

problem in installing the metasploit in termux
problem in installing the metasploit in termux

what is metasploit ?

Metasploit was developed by H. D. Moore in the year 2003. Metasploit is an open source penetration testing (hacking) framework, from Metasploit we can exploit many things like servers, computers, cctv, mobile phones and much more for testing and security strength purposes. And Metasploit is the most used penetration software/framework in the history of the cyber world, Metasploit is officially available for Kali Linux, Windows, Macintosh. Now it is also available for the Android platform too.

metasploit android

As you know Metasploit is a best friend for penetration testers, now Metasploit is also available for Android platform. But wait there is no official Metasploit application for android but still, you can use Metasploit framework in your android through Termux application.

problem in installing the metasploit in termux

So, guys today we are going to solve the problem in installing the metasploit in termux in simple steps. But first, let me tell you the reason of errors you are facing while installing the Metasploit in your Termux the main reason is the update of ruby gems and Metasploit official update that'll. Now to solve that issue you need to follow below steps. So come on let's get started.

1. Install Termux app and open it but before that follow below step.

2. Now download this bash script from below given link

After downloading that script just open your file explorer or file manager and search for Download folder and open it in that you can see that downloaded script is present now just cut and paste that script from download folder to the direct internal storage of your device. After that 

3. Open Termux application and apply below commands.

$ termux-setup-storage

$ ls

$ cd /sdcard

$ ls

$ cp $HOME

$ ls

4. Now open a new session and apply below commands.

$ ls

Now here you can see that the script which you just copied from your internal storage to home directory of Termux that script is present here, after that just follow the below steps. But before jumping to the next step you need to keep these things in your mind, make sure that you have enough data pack of at least 600 MB and good internet speed, 1 GB of internal storage, a lot of patience and the most important thing is that to close all the background applications, and delete old Metasploit framework from your Termux. After following all these things you may jump to the next step.

$ sh

After applying the command just click on the enter button in your keyboard. Now keep your phone aside for at least half an hour because Metasploit takes more time to install in your Termux application. Later when the Metasploit is installed in your Termux , you can run Metasploit by just applying the command msfconsole. Now it takes time to start console so just wait.

$ msfconsole

Then as soon as the console starts just check if it is connected to the database or not, by applying the command db_status. If it shows connected then it's ok if not then you need to open a new session and
apply this command in it.

pg_ctl -D $PREFIX/var/lib/postgresql start

Here, you can see that the server has been started. Now open the first session where you opened the msfconsole then check if the database is connected or not by applying command db_status if it shows connected then it's ok. After the completion of above-mentioned steps, you can use Metasploit successfully.

Final words
So guys thanks for visiting our blog. I hope you find our article "problem in installing the metasploit in termux" helpful for you please do share and comment your thought about this article and keep visiting to get hacking and gaming and lot more tools and news for free. thank you!

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