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router hack

router hackHi guys' if you are searching for what is router hack and searching for the best article to get the best explanation about router hack. Then you are at the right place.

Today I'm here going to share the step by step tutorial about "router hack, network firewall security, hacking router in termux. And I'm damn sure that you will never get all these unique information like us on the internet anywhere else.

router hack
router hack

router hack

So, in this post, we are going to know about the hacking of router from any particular tools from any os like kali os and ubuntu and even in android application termux. So guy's first let me tell explain about router and its functions, a router is a gadget which provides an internet connection for iot based devices like laptop's and android devices and smart tv's so the router is an only gadget which shares the internet connection to all devices at the same time by partitioning the ip's of IP ( etc which look-alike this so the router may be wireless or wired it doesn't matter for hacker to it in fraction of minute's. The router can be hacked by simple vulnerabilities like the handshake method and capture the flag methods so make sure your router kernel is up to date. So hacking router's nowadays is now common because of strong tools. And even android devices have the capability to penetrate a normal vulnerable router.

network firewall security

After router configuration and when everything is hardware side ready then here the network firewall security comes next in the case of the high security of the network. The network is nothing but a group of computers are in the same locality or using the same router to send and receive data through the internet then it is called network and now the question arises about what is firewall..!
a firewall is nothing but a security wall which plays main role in securing the computers which are using the internet and the main function of firewall is to filter data in client pc to detect if there any dangers for client computer  from receiving data and security of firewall is better as compare to third party antivirus applications and the firewall is prebuilt in many os like windows, Kali Linux and etc..
so this is all about the network firewall security.

hacking router in termux

In android haking router is child's play, yes you heard right but you need a proper knowledge of router working and termux using experience and if you have all the mentioned things then you can go to next step and hack router you should need to connect it to first and then you can only penetrate into it to get saved password's and database of connected users (victims) So to follow further click on this link for pdf steps Router sploit script and script links and for video tutorial check the end of this post to get download button of practical video.

router hack in pdf version

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 websites I used in the video

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watch the practical video here

Watch now

 Follow this carefully
Please don't skip the video ...
So guys follow the steps as I showed from starting of the video to the end of the video ok. So after all, if you are facing any problem then comment or use contact us page, please........

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    "Solution for all these problems is watching a video without skip until the end"

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