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what is termux

what is termuxHi Guys if you are willing to know how to use termux and what is Termux but in easy method and you are searching for the best article to get the best explaination about what is termux then. You Are at Right Place.

Today here I'm going to share about what is termux for you guys. So that by this "what is termuxarticle you can become pro penetration android tester and noob hacker, And I'm damn sure that you will never get all these unique information like us on the internet anywhere else.

what is termux

what is termux

what is termux

Guys in recent posts we learned about pc operating systems and about Kali Linux and its uses. So now in this post, we will go to know about hacking os for android and tabs this is an amazing thing to know. So come on let us get started. Android is a very capable operating system, with bunch of unlimited apps approaching desktop class. Yet sometimes, you still really need to work in order to complete something on android that would be a seconds work on desktop.

Fortunately, Android is Linux at its core. And Termux builds on this existing infrastructure. It provides an advance command line environment and allows you to install the best Linux apps on your android device. Let's go get some.

Why do you need to use Termux?

We know hacking is now a day has been become a complicated thing but to learn some hacking we don't need any laptop or else a big machine. If you are beginner then you can turn your android device into hacking machine i know its sounds strange but its true that you can turn your android device into a hacking machine but you need some apps There are alredy some apps in the playstore that are ports of linux applications to android. these differ from Termux in that they replicate those linux apps, but they are made in an "Android way". the main highlight is ,Termux is a self-contained linux environment. its programs are (for all intents and purposes) exactly the same as their linux counterparts. This conveys some advantages over the ported applications

Consistency- The Linux apps that have been ported to android have to recive a user interface of some kind. The user experience on android device depends a lot things on how much effort the developer puts into it. it is bound to be differenet in any cases. But the Termux applications are the same as the linux versions, from keyboard shortcuts to how you install them.

Compactness- The addition f the android code described above can cause some slim applications to grow chunky. Take an Android SSH client (VX connect bot) shown below) for instance, which can run anywhere from 2 MB to 12 MB in size. we can see a graphical user interface screens, now you still gonna end up in a terminal as shown in the below picture. Compare this to dropbear, available in Termux, which weights in at 396 KB installed. And it provides an SSH server to boot the GUI in Termux or Linux.

Timeliness- When an application is updated, you are still at the mercy of the Android apps developer for an upgrade. in highlight, Termux applications are fairly standard  Linux packages that require less work. They may be even be created automatically alongside the desktop versions.
You were likely to get access to new features more quickly with Termux.

Price- of course, there is a chance any app you purchase from play store you need to pay for some things but in the case of Termux no need to pay anything its a free open source Linux clone

Usage of  Termux 

Now the question arrives how to use the Termux app. Before diving into usage, lets put something right out there. Termux is the first and most used open source free application which has a command line environment. This goes not only for the base Termux package but its apps as well. You won't be getting the newest version of Libre office. You also need to be comfortable with the command line in order to install and use these programs. if you were new to it, then at the end of this post you will be master in Termux I hope.

The process to install programs is straightforward. Termux uses the same package installers available in Debian and Ubuntu Linux, called advanced packaging tools (apt). To see what applications are available, open Termux app and  type the following at the prompt

$ apt list

This, command shows you installed packages in Termux. Now its simple to work with Termux if you like to see some of the packages and bundles then use this command 

$ apt show (app name)

Now, this command will display a short summary of the package, as shown above for the emacs text editor. Finally to install, just use this

$ apt install (app name)

Now this command installs the package which you want to use but you need to apply the name of particular pkg or bundle like how to upgrade packages. Once the installation process is finished, you can start the program simply by typing its name at the command line. The screen shot below shows the nano text editor running after the above install.

What is Termux

Now its time to take a look at some of the awesome utilities you can get though Termux.

Core Linux utilities

Once you installed Termux and used it at a beginner level now you can do some skillful things straight out of the box. The base app will allow you to use basic Linux utilities to perform activities such as copying ( with the cp command) and moving (mv) files, reading directory contents (ls) and deleting things (rm).

Now nothing you cant do with an android files manager, right? well, termux also includes the link command (in). now This is most useful immediately-- by default, termux has you working in the directory /data/data/com.termux/files/home, which is not where the rest of your files are (usually/sdcard). But here you can create a new symbolic link in this directory of termux application
(eg. /data/data/com.termux/files/home/documents/to/sdcard/Documents).

This will allow you to quickly jump to those files.

Replaces - The file management commands in the base termux install can reduce the need for separate file managers unless they have additional features. The ability to create the links between directories (places) can also be eliminated dedicated apps such as link folder ( no longer available ), and it saves you from rooting your phone to get this important functionality.

Text editors 

What is Termux

Termux provides recent versions of both of the main Linux text editors;
VIM (v8.0. the latest stable at the time of writing) and emacs (v25.2, also current). The below images show emacs running in the console terminal in Linux (top) and termux (bottom). Note this similarity. and other editors like nano are also available. Now Android has a lot of text editors. Like, a lot. And many more of them do a very good job at saving and opening  text files. But many do little more than that as though they were the creators "Test app" for Android.

Emacs and VIM are highly capable text editors. Like to work in markdown? both support it quit well. Into the whole "distraction-free" mindset? it doesn't get much more distraction-free than VIM. here Need something to take down notes and provide to-dos? org-mode in emacs has you covered. You can ever use emacs as your file manager, screenwriting applications, trello client app, music player app, or to play minesweeper game.

Replaces- android text editors tend to have one major feature one may focus on distraction-free drafting, another can preview markdown or other formating, and a third keeps notes (though its really just a text editor). The terminal-based editors above fulfill these needs in a single program, with an added bonus of being available on the desktop platform as well.

Add a little Linux interface to your Android device

We read all about Termux in this post from start to end now Termux is a super-compact application that opens up a lot of functionality for your Android devise. The command line is one of the most powerful features of Linux, and Termux builds on your devices Linux kernel to make you more efficient on the go. And who knows, maybe dabbling with these applications will convince you to take the plunge on the desktop as well as you know.

Now here the conclusion of this whole post whatever you read in this post is easy to understand and to work on it so start penetration testing and ethical hacking from your android device...

Final words

    So guys thanks for visiting our blog. I hope you find our article "what is termux" helpful for you please do share and comment your thought about this article and keep visiting to get hacking and gaming and lot more tools and news for free. thank you!

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