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top pc and laptop tricks

top pc and laptop tricks- Hi Guys if you are facing heating and other issues in your laptop or pc and you are searching for an easy method  and you are searching for the best article to get solution from top pc and laptop tricks then. You Are at Right Place.

Today here I'm going to share the best method about top pc and laptop tricks for you guys. So that by this "top pc and laptop tricks" article you can solve your problems of pc or laptop, And I'm damn sure that you will never get all these unique tricks like us on the internet anywhere else.

top pc and laptop tricks

top pc and laptop tricks

top pc and laptop tricks

Guys today we are going to know about some of the cool and awesome trick and methods of pc and laptops to make technology life even better.

How to keep your laptop or pc cool and prevent from overheating and much more.

Nowadays the overheating of computers and laptop is common problems faced by almost every laptop user. Sometimes this problem very irritated and we don't know what to do right now.
never try any unusual trick or solutions in your laptop from preventing overheating. Here we will collect some of the best tricks and tips to prevent your laptop from overheating and more things

1. Cool down your laptop from egg cartoon

It sounds strange but you can try to cool down your laptop from this awesome trick.
Just take egg crate and put your laptop on it and use ...

2. Clean your cooling fan in your laptop or computer to prevent overheating

Now, this is a bit complicated method but you can try to solve the heating issue in your Lappi or pc. For laptops its hard to dissect cooling fan but you can try but its easy in computers to dissect every part even cooling fan and to clean it properly. So this is one of the best methods

3. Two forks under laptop save your laptop from heating ( try this method if above two methods are not possible for you )

now here you need some tech knowledge if you know about forks then you will get my point

4. Use a cooling pad

Nowadays there are many types of cooling pads for laptops in low-cost range to a high-quality range so you can purchase any one of them and make your laptop cool and fast if you like to purchase any cooling pad then check these links (not affiliated)

5. Stop playing heavy games on a laptop

yes, this is the major problem of every laptop nowadays. But you need to stop playing high-quality games like GTA5, uncharted, dying light, pubg, etc.. because these games consume more battery power and GPU (graphical processing unit) of your laptop. Now don't get offended, you can play these games if your laptop has maximum requirements.

6. Check for viruses in your laptop from good antiviruses

I think you got my point, just download the best antivirus for free and scan your computer every day and make sure you have enabled the firewall

7. Switch off your laptop regularly, when you were not using your laptop

Oops, here is the main issue of battery drain and heat. Nowadays the work has been increased so everyone is busy with their work but they don't concentrate on the battery life of laptop they just use a laptop and they forget to shut it down. So please don't forget to shut down your laptop or computer after using it.

8. Never trust torrents

Now, here some of the people are using pirated software without knowing about their dangerous works. They just download it and start using but actually, the free pirated software contain dangerous malware, botnets, and etc... so they start running in the background and it causes extreme heat issue to your laptop. So stop using pirated software which has been downloaded from untrustable websites.

9. Shut down pc using the keyboard

Now, you can directly shut down your window pc from pressing ALT + F4 button select shutdown. Now you just need to tap on the enter button to shut down your pc. Officially this method works on every version of windows.

10. Shutdown pc from the run command

Now, here open run program from pressing the WIN+R keyboard button. Type shutdown/s and press enter to shutdown pc.

11. Secure your pc in hackers style from pen drive

This sounds cool yes you are right you can lock and unlock your pc from pen drive in hackers way. now follow these steps

now we do this from an awesome software names predator. This software turns your pen drive into a password. Without your pen drive, you cant access your pc. if you unplug pen drive from your pc your PC will be locked. This is one of the most advanced security for any computer user.

. Download predator USB software from its official website for 9 days trial

. Install and open this software as an administrator in your windows pc.

. When you open this software at first this software asks you to set the password.

. Set your password and click on OK button. ( make sure your pen drive is connected to your pc. )

. Now, this software is perfectly ready for locking your laptop or computer from pen drive.

. Open predator settings

( Here you set time interval according to your needs. the default time interval is 30 seconds. if you remove pen drive from your computer your computer will be locked in 30 seconds.)

now when you remove pen drive from your computer your computer asks you to enter your password with the warning message.

now, If you do not enter the correct password, your computer screen goes black with access denied message.

the predator starts automatically when you start your pc

if somehow this software not automatically re-started when you start your computer then add this software in your startup folder by simply following below given steps.

. Press WIN+R, type shell: startup and enter

. Now pate/add predator software shortcut icon in the startup folder. You can copy it from the desktop.

" Predator protects its own in the memory process. Nobody can stop it with Ctrl-Alt-Del. Predator can sound a hard alarm sound if somebody enters an invalid password "

the awesome point of this tool is that. You can see logs for all messages, warnings, fail login attempts and all other information.

12. Crack windows 7 and 10 user password without knowing old passwords

Everyone knows windows is the secured system, you cannot crack or enter into it without password
. You cant change the password of windows system without knowing old password. So here I will show you a trick, with this cool trick you can change your windows passwords without knowing the old passwords. This method is very useful when you forget your windows password. With this method, you can prank your friends. Here I explain step by step in 2 methods. Choose which way is best and compatible with you. Share this trick with your friends


Step-1 First press windows key which is located at the end of the keyboard and find your computer option on the left side. Right click on computer and open manage option.

Step-2 Now here you can see computer management dialog box on your computer screen. Click on System Tools>>Local Users and Groups

Step-3 Now in the right side you see your all users name and name login info etc.

Step-4 Now Select a particular account and right click on it and choose set password option.

Step-5 Now the new popup message open, click on proceed/ok button. Now you need to enter the new password and need to confirm them, then click on the "OK" button.

Step-6 Now successfully your login password has been changed. You can restart your computer/laptop and check with a new password. So with this trick, you can change any windows system password without knowing old passwords. This trick works in all window versions like Windows 8 and Windows 10.


Step-1 Click on window start menu which is located at the edge of the screen and type "cmd" in the search box. Then select cmd and Run as administrator.

Step-2 After that type command in cmd

(net user Prophet 123456)

Step-3 Now you can replace prophet with your username and 123456 with your new password.

Step-4 Now your password has been successfully changed without knowing old passwords. You troll your friends with these cool tricks

Final words

   So guys thanks for visiting our blog. I hope you find our article "top pc and laptop tricks" helpful for you please do share and comment your thought about this article and keep visiting to get hacking and gaming and lot more tools and news for free. thank you!

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