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how to become a hacker

how to become a hacker - Hi Guys if you Don't know about how to become a hacker and you are searching for the best article to understand properly and easily about how to become a hacker
then. You Are at Right Place.

Today here I'm going to share some tips and steps about how to become a hacker for you guys. So that by this "how to become a hacker" you can properly perfectly and easily understand concepts of a beginner in hacking. And I'm damn sure that you will never get all these tips and methods about how to become a hacker on the internet.

how to become a hacker

how to become a hacker

 how to become a hacker?

Are you tired of reading and watching endless news and stories about ethical hacking and not really knowing what that means then you must refer to this article what is hacking
this post is for the people who don't know about :

1.Have no experience with cybersecurity (Hacking)
2.Have limited experience and knowledge
3.Those That just can't get a little break

ok come on let's dive into the post and suggest some ways that you can get ahead in Hacking.

I will give you detailed technical instructions on how to get started as a beginner and how to evolve as you gain more knowledge and experience in the hacking. hacking is a skill and you must remember that if you want to learn hacking easily just for fun of hacking unknown persons or friends facebook accounts. The thing will not gonna work out for you. You should decide to learn to hack because of your passion for hacking and technology and your desire to be an expert in computer systems. It's time  to learn to hack and to do a fabulous journey of life as a  hacker

If you have no experience Don't worry. We all had to start somewhere, and we all needed help to get where we are today. No one is a perfect and no one is born with all the necessary skills. period ok, so you have zero experience and limited skills... my advice in this short words is teach your self some absolute fundamentals. let's get this game started.

Getting started. What you need to do to get started on the road to becoming a hacker depends on what you know about IT. Don't worry no need a college degree to become a best ethical hacker only need of just some good knowledge of computer and networking and some social engineering that's all. Start with the basics earn your A+ certification and get some tech support position. After some experience and additional certification (networking or CCNA), after that put some time into earning security certifications (security+, CISSP, or TICSA) and find an information security positions. while you're there, try to concentrate on penetration testing- and gain some experience with penetration testing tools. Then go toward the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification offered by the official international Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants (EC-Council). Now after this you can start working as an ethical hacker.

For a hacker, networking know-how important is making sure you gained experience in related areas as well. Discover and start playing with Linux, parrot, ubuntu commands and distributions. Make  sure you also learn some of the programming and scripting languages here you can see some of the important programming languages for hacking with their uses

Skills required to become a Hacker

you need to have a strong foundational understanding of at least 4 to 6 coding or scripting language as well as an understanding of network and web security.

so from here, you can start your journey for hacking

  • Learn to code (programming)
  • Understand basic concepts of operating system
  • Fundamental of networking and security
  • Markup and as many technologies as you can!

what is a programming language?

how to become a hacker
A programming language is a language that is used to develop computer programs and software. The programs developed can range from the operating system; data-based applications through to networking solutions.

why you must learn how to program?

  1. Hackers are the problem solver and tool builders, learning how to program and code will help you implement solutions to problems. it also differentiates you from script kiddies
  2. Write the program as a hacker will help you lot to modify many things and tasks which would usually take lots of time to complete.
  3. Writing programs can also be helpful for you to identify and exploit programming errors in web applications that you will be targeting
  4. No need to re-invent the wheel all the time, and there is a number of open source programs that are readily usable. You can customize the already existing applications and your methods to suit your needs.

Now the question is what languages should you learn?

The answer to this question depends on your victim computer or server platforms. some of the programming languages that are used to develop for only specific platforms. As an example we can see, Visual Basic Classic (3,4,5, and 6.0) this is used to write an application that runs on the Windows operating system. It would, therefore, be illogical for you to learn how to program in Visual Basic 6.0 when you target is hacking Linux based systems.

Programming languages that are very useful to beginners in Hacking

DESCRIPTION:- Language used to write web pages
PLATFORM:- *Cross-platform
PURPOSE:- Web Hacking
Login forms and other data entry methods on the website using HTML forms to get data. Been able to write and run HTML, makes it easy for you to identify and exploit a weakness in the code.
DESCRIPTION:- Client side scripting language
PLATFORM:- *cross-platform
PURPOSE:- Web Hacking
javascript code is executed on the client browser. You can use it to steal or to see save cookies in victim-computer and to perform cross-site scripting on a target website and also from this you can modify android applications
DESCRIPTION:- Server side scripting language
PLATFORM:- *Cross-platform
PURPOSE:- Web hacking
PHP is one of the most commonly used web programming languages. It is used to process HTML and CSS forms and performs another type of custom tasks. You could write an own custom application in PH that modifies settings on a web browser and makes the server vulnerable to attacks.
DESCRIPTION:- Language used to communicate with the  database
PLATFORM:- *Cross-platform
PURPOSE:- Web Hacking
Using SQL injection, to by-pass web application login algorithm that is weak, delete data from the target websites database etc.
COMPUTER LANGUAGES:- Python, Ruby, Perl, Bash
DESCRIPTION:- High-level programming languages
PLATFORM:- *Cross-platform
PURPOSE:- Building tools & scripts
They are also the best tools which you can learn easily and they are automation tools for hacking purposes. The knowledge gained can also be used to understand and customize the already available tools.
DESCRIPTION:- High-level programming
PLATFORM:- *Cross-platform
PURPOSE:- writing exploits, shellcodes, etc.
They come in handy when you need to write your own bash codes, exploit tools, rootkits or understanding and expanding on existing ones.
COMPUTER LANGUAGES:- Java, C#, Visual Basic, VBScript
DESCRIPTION:- Other languages
PLATFORM:- Java & C# are *Cross-platform. Visual Basic is specific to windows
PURPOSE:- Other Uses
The usefulness of these languages depends on your thinking and ideas.
*Cross-platform means the programs developed using the particular programming language
can be deployed on different operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Parrot based, MAC etc...

Other skills
In addition to programming skills, a good hacker should also have the following skills:

  1. Know how to use the internet and search engine effectively to gather information on the  internet
  2. Get a Linux-based operating system and know the basics commands that every Linux user should know.
  3. Practice makes perfect, if you like to become hacker then you should be a hard worker and positively contribute to the hacker community. And you should improve your self day by day and learn new things every day

Stay legal

how to become a hacker

It's important never to engage in black hat hacking-that is, intruding or illegally attacking anyone's network without their full permission. performing in illegal activities, even if it doesn't lead to a conviction, will likely kill your ethical hacking career. Many of the available jobs are with government-related organizations and require security clearances. Even regular companies will perform at least a basic background check.

Some pro tips for hacking

  1. To be an expert at any programming language, understand the OS level operations of that language (varies in different compilers) or learn assembly language to be more generalized about working of computers
  2.  Don't give up too short if you cant achieve results in a short span of time. I prefer the cool style of learning. So keep yourself confident and motivated for what comes next
  3. Practice everything at least 4 hours a day and do some experiments with learning websites and start doing hacking

Resources To Get started:
I would like to share some resources that I found best in learning from best sources.

All things list:

Alternatively, You can Join Slack Community for Hackers

Also, You should consider Practicing your skills on

Also, You should Consider practicing Your Skills on

Final words

So guys thanks for visiting our blog. I hope you find our article "how to become a hacker" helpful for you please do share and comment your thought about this article and keep visiting to get hacking and gaming and lot more tools and news for free. thank you!

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